Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Inter-Occupy Media Strategy Conference Call Notes from 2/13

Being the least media-esque of the group, I hope my notes are somewhat understandable....

G8 Summit in Chicago:
'National Security Event'
Local police are training with combat sticks (info from another IO call). Expect LRADs, tear gas & more.
Media coverage is critical (both ours & mainstream)
Mark: Laws in Chicago prevent livestreaming AUDIO (& filming cops is a felony?). More info on local laws needed.
Adbusters encampment goes up May 1st (Chicago)
May 1: General Strike
July 4th: National G.A.

Occupy Media needs a Communications Hub
Work on preventing duplication of efforts
Sue: Raise awareness of resources that exist (P.R. Toolkit, Studio Occupy, Trainings...)
Occupy Freedom L.A.: Do outreach for G8/May 1st

Abe: Get word out about Studio Occupy: An online video editing bay in the cloud with phone apps available that allow journalists to edit on the fly during events using their phones. Also an aggregate of ideas/videos/themes (like V-Day Occupy Love) & call outs for submissions.

Sue: P.R. Toolkit needs to be easier to find. Will help local occupys learn how to write press releases so we can spoon-feed local media our message & make sure they understand WHY we are doing a particular direct action. Google docs.

(she did not mention where I can find this toolkit now)

Amy/Seattle: They have been having 'Social Media' meetings to coordinate efforts in getting twitter/fb audience to find livestream of an event. Driving people towards more info.  Data sharing, finding out who our demographic is on a particular topic/posting, empowering the AUDIENCE by giving them a platform to give feedback/perception.  They also use time of day to post info aimed at audiences in particular parts of the world.

Darlene: Inter-Occupy call in radio show will be offering trainings.

Noam Chomsky will be on Occupy TV NY next week

UK Mark:
Working on network for media
Assessing media's role in OWS.. Are we reporting what's happening or trying to drive opinion? Propaganda vs. Objective reporting
Use listserve to communicate?  How do we find each other?
Proper flow of communication

Gary/L.A.: Mix Omedia with reg media, but speak for self, not for OWS as a whole

Sue: What are our goals?  Coverage from within? Countering propaganda? Getting message to local media/over 50 crowd using media toolkit?

Sue: By law, tv stations/media must serve the public interest. We are allowed to go to the station/newspaper & ask to see public records. They can lose license if they do not comply with what the public wants/needs to know vs. protecting corporate sponsors.

Guide local reporters with press releases.

O Freedom LA: Screening of 'While We Watch'

O Freedom LA: Reiterating that we are a nonviolent movement via arm bands, t-shirts, etc... & separate from Black Bloc or violent factions. Mentioned Klown Bloc, clowns that will help block violence & protect reporters. Clearly separate from other groups on camera.


Definitions needed for reformation vs. revolution, & non-violence vs. 'diversity of tactics'
Amy: definition of Violence vs. Civil Disobedience
Do we all have the same goals during an action?

Tutorials needed:
- What is expected at an event (both of participants behavior, media's role, & possible responses we might encounter)
- Agreement not to abuse arm bands & to remain non-violent & objective observer?
- Event/action goals

How is your occupy reaching out to local media?

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