Thursday, September 13, 2012

'Winter Edibles' Seed Bomz Available this Weekend in San Francisco

I'll be roaming the city in between workshops, speeches and events at the Human Be In in Golden Gate Park. I will tweet my location(s) via @SeedBomz4Change.

I use food-grade red clay (clay free of lead, dyes, etc that is suitable for making food containers), a pound and a half of super fresh (packed for 2013), sustainably-grown heirloom seeds, and rather expensive biodynamic organic compost.

 Each bom is about the diameter of a quarter (1" or so) and contains: 

- Dutch Corn Salad
- Red Russian Kale (aka: 'Ragged Jack')
- Henderson's Black Seed Lettuce
- French Breakfast Radish
- Bloomsdale Long Spinach

I'm asking twenty-five cents per bom. 

Please bom responsibly! Do not drop bomz in parks or ecologically-sensitive areas.  

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