Monday, October 8, 2012


10/17 8am at the Obama campaign office 2278 Market St., SF

-    Obama promised to label GMO food during his 2008 campaign, but didn’t.
-    Obama appointed a former Monsanto LOBBYIST to be the FDA’s ‘food czar’. A LOBBYIST is deciding what’s safe for your kids to eat.
-    Obama appointed a former Monsanto exec to head the USDA.
-    Diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks prove Obama’s choice for Secretary of State uses her position to push Monsanto on other countries.
-    Obama’s choice for Attorney General refuses to investigate Monsanto for violating anti-trust laws.

Herbicide and Pesticide Use Damage Humans, Environment:

Glyphosate causes moderate to severe liver damage in fish and aquatic life, since herbicide runoff can reach both groundwater and seawater:

Exogenous plant MIR168a specifically targets mammalian LDLRAP1: evidence of cross-kingdom regulation by microRNA (You literally ARE what you eat!):

Widely Used Herbicide Commonly Found in Rain and Streams in the Mississippi River Basin:

Patenting Staple Foods (Bremer’s Order 81) Is Ruinous to Iraq’s Agriculture:

“There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects.” – American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Glyphosate use on genetically modified crops spawns new soil pathogen that is a “serious threat to the environment, livestock, and human health” - Don Huber, Emeritus Professor at Purdue University and senior scientist on USDA's National Plant Disease Recovery System, plant physiologist and pathologist for over 40 years.

 RSVP: Occupy The GMO Candidate SF!

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