Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Seedlings on the way!

Found a wonderful spot to grow some organic heirloom seedlings for the 2013 season, and can't wait for my seeds to arrive.

The "catalog" I'm putting together includes stolen photos of veggies, growing tips, recipes, and information about food justice and environmental health issues that are making heirloom gardening a revolutionary act.

I have very limited space here, but am going to try to offer garden classics among some rare, endangered, and unusual varieties. I choose varieties that are relatively easy-to-grow (for bay area climate), yield well and/or/offer nutritional or historical significance.  Some varieties I chose for being pollinator-friendly.

I use non-GMO (genetically modified), open-pollinated seeds, organic soil, and use no chemical sprays or fertilizers.  I encourage gardeners to go organic, and include a list of local places to learn about natural gardening and urban homesteading for food security in the catalog.

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