Saturday, September 28, 2013

Non-GMO Corn Day Celebration

Launching date of Non-GMO Tortilla Campaign

Dear Allies, Supporters and Friends,

Biosafety Alliance ask Non-GMO advocate individuals and organizations to support the Latino community by participating and attending the “Non-GMO Corn Day Celebration” on September 29th at 24th Street at Mission BART station in San Francisco from 11:00 AM -3:00 PM.

Non-GMO Corn Day Celebration is to bring awareness about the importance to protect native corn from biotech genetic contamination. We are in solidarity with the grassroots movement in Mexico: to protect Mexico as the CENTER OF ORIGIN of native corn therefor not allowing companies like Monsanto to plant GMO corn in Mexico because it will inevitably contaminate native corn through cross pollination.

 Corn has been planted by the indigenous people through the Americas for 10,000 years. Corn is their staple food, good for the body and spirit. It is also an intricate part of their cultural and Identity. Corn is a gift to humanity not a patent for profit. We must keep our seeds pure and untainted for future generations.

 The event will also be the beginning of a Latino campaign demanding the following:

·Demand to Latin Politicians to advocate for Non-GMO corn to be available in food markets in communities of color.

·Demand GMO Foods, in particular GMO Tortillas, to be labeled.

·Demand democracy in our food system, we have the right to know what is in the food we buy and feed our families.

 We intend to gather during next 6 months 1000 000 signatures in support of GMO Tortilla labeling in California that we will bring to Sacramento in a massive mobilization, we need your help!

Come celebrate the food movement as we enjoy Non-GMO food including organic purple tortillas, music, art, speakers, and ceremony. There will be music, poetry and information. This is a family event and everyone is welcomed. The event will also take place in Los Angeles, Stockton, East Palo Alto and San Luis Obispo.

 Facebook event in San Francisco: Join us!

Biosafety Alliance:

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